donderdag 28 mei 2009

Unfinished flyer

Unfinished flyer for the session with Iriedaily, Keety Roots & Ionyouth soundsystem. Date is wrong: it's the 4th of July. Purple refers to the month of Levi, as this is the birth month of Iriedaily and Ionyouth. The 12 colours of the 12 tribes are determined for each month, as each month matches a tribe.

Apart from that it still remains difficult to make a flyer for a reggae concert that doesn't look cliché or just overused. At least this one took some more work than most posters. Picturing His Imperial Majesty seems inevitable, but there should be other ways to promote reggae visually.

Pen, ink, markers, watercolours, coloured papers, Photoshop

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