maandag 24 augustus 2009

Titus' 1st birthday

Titus was just born when he first turned up on these pages. One year passed already, we celebrated his first birthday a few months ago. Some of the nicest shots from that afternoon.

At Goldorak's terrace

When my partner in crime gets into juggling vinyl while I'm visiting, he also gets quite uncommunicative. A time for me to pop out the camera and explore the terrace, in the middle of one of these beautiful coincidental open spaces, sheltered behind walls you wouldn't suspect of such hidden oases.

woensdag 19 augustus 2009

Hotel Ford: Ionyouth, Keety Roots and I'n'I in session

Some shots from the "Reggae Link Up" at Genk. A great afternoon and evening. First time I could master a soundsystem myself, and a great session by Keety Roots. Too bad only 30 people turned up to enjoy the music, due to bad promo and the long distance.

Guerilla Land @ Stuivenberg

Guerilla Land invited us for a United Steppaz session. When we saw the promo turn up in the streets, they didn't seem to need us after all (we were not on the line-up). Life's too short for hard feelings, I went down to Stuivenberg to rally round with the Antwerp reggae crowd. Crucial Alphonso, Rootspressure, David and Missing Link settled down to blow the Fornication Hi-Fi Soundsystem.
Let's say organisation is a bit sloppy at this festival, there wasn't much of a crowd to enjoy Crucial's selection.

Goodbye goodbye LW

Moved out of Lange Winkelhaak 27, moved in with the missus at Wetstraat 62.
Some last shots from the good times at nrs 27 and 29. I will certainly miss our daily chess rehearsals.