maandag 2 augustus 2010


AmuseeVous asked me to "remix" their website. This illustration was my contribution to the site, you can see it as a header right here.
AmuseeVous organises cultural events in Antwerp and other Belgian cities. Young artists or people that just graduated from art school get the chance to expose in museums around Antwerp. You can witness this a.o. at saturday the 7th of august during Museumnacht, where yours truely will put the needle on some whoopass records to get your feet moving. Don't be standing around all night. Just dance.

dinsdag 6 juli 2010

Tentoonstelling @ Tune Up Gallery

Dit opende dus deze zondag, temidden van een stad die volledig ingesteld was op de Tour die langskwam...
Heel veel dank aan iedereen die er ondanks de verkeerschaos toch geraakt is.
Iedereen die interesse heeft om te komen kijken, wees alsnog welkom! De tentoonstelling is nog doorlopend te bezoeken tot eind augustus.
Alle getoonde werken zijn te koop.


by Andreas Peeters

4th of July - 29th August
opening: 4th of July, 14.00 - 18.00
@ Tune Up
Melkmarkt 17 (above IMS)

“These series are a tribute.

They bundle up six years of inspiration which comes from a journey through black music - from the first time I left London with bags full of vinyl, until the day I had the privilege to talk to some of these musicians in person. Some of these drawings are inspired by record covers or found photography, some by pictures I took on concerts, some came right out of my head. I want to express my gratitude to those musicians, for they have kept me drawing and offered me a project. Their message has intentionately been neglected for years by radiostations and TV,  for it tells the half that has never been told.
A few of these images might appear to you as iconic, as they are rooted in the dark origins of Rastafarianism. I do not share this belief and I hope these images reach an unprejudiced eye. They represent a heritage too valuable to sacrifice to a mentality that is omnipresent today : the idea that whatever becomes popular, should claim all attention from the people. What is presented to us today as eclectic, results from an unrespectful attitude towards the roots of this music. I hope these pictures might encourage you to dig and find these roots, that they will make you take your time to truly


View of the shop

Marcus Garvey portrait


Haile Selassie

Zonder titel

Miles Davis

dinsdag 9 februari 2010